About Us

Mission Statement

To help people protect and inspire their world through education, innovation, and safety services.

Background Story

Aphys began under its previous name Black Fox Defense in 2014, with the mission to provide affordable and comprehensive defensive firearms safety training to the public. One of our beliefs is that affordability should not limit quality. The goal behind affordability was not to make money, but be a more attractive option and therefore impacting more of society. Comprehensive training was at the forefront of our minds. We believed that each person should leave the training confident in their new knowledge, take necessary steps to reduce any risk of violent encounters, and inspire the people around them to do the same. Since the birth of the company hundreds of people have successfully completed the training and received their safety certification from us. 

Today, Aphys is using these same guiding principles. We continuously expand our body of knowledge across multiple disciplines in an effort to be more relevant, deliver better education, and hopefully inspire the people we touch, to inspire those around them.

Tomorrow we plan to expand to include additional trainings and services delivered to public safety, military, private sector, and educational institutions.

Our Instructors

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